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Indianapolis, IN  USA
Born on November 26, 1983.
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HipHop : Hardcore Rap
Discover the new talent, new Artist and the future of HIp-Hop music. Da Black Don & Tha Don Records.
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Frenzy Frenchy
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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About Me
A person who is talented or skilled in music. A person who plays a musical instrument, esp. professionally. San Fransico, California distribution company, announces is new label and parnership with Tha Don Records in 2005. As part of their agreement, will provide distribution, marketing and promotion Support for Tha Don Records. Initial releases will include Juan aka Da Black Don, Mic-L, BurtBezzy, Rajah, Juda, DJ Chyl and BK Josh aka Kamel-Street. In the past decade the Da Black Don has seen the music industry change. There are probably hundreds of thousands of Hip-Hop artist and companies that currently exist in the U.S alone. Many of those companies have fallen and have been mostly focusing on their upon their image. About 85% of the artist out there often portray their images and don't stay true to whom they really are. Many of those artist don't put moral into their music that make it meaningless. Today the music industry is in need of real talent and real artist who are unique and who stand out. As you may witness today, there are a lot of artist making music or trying to get into the music industry for all of the wrong reasons (money, sex, cars, drugs, hype, and talking about a life they don't live, etc). What has happened to the real down-to-earth Hip-Hop artists who are all about the love of making music?
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Liked Ice Starr's song 2 Geeked Up. Feb 21, 2013
Liked Marinated Musiq's song Almost Cried. Feb 20, 2013
beatfanatik Get At ME For Them Exclusive Beats!! You'll Have The Streets On Lock Wit These Beats!!!
(773)656-3311 "I Work Wit All Budgets"
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Ivan Tavarres Thank you for checking out my music, and for adding it to your fav bands/artists. I really do appreciate it. I like very much what you wrote in your profile. Contrary to what a lot of people think, I do like hip hop. But mostly the artists that have substance and realness to their music, and not the ones that are degrading to other people.

Hope you have a fun weekend!

Ivan Tavarres
BreakthroughBeats Yo thanks 4 the Add! Feelin the tracks man!!!
Malki Means King thanks for the add hit me up www.soundclick.com/malkibeats
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