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Bill (or Morgan)
Puyallup, WA  USA
Born on June 7, 1969.
My own artist pages
Comedy : General Comedy
Alternative : Other Alternative
Strange music for strange people.
Rock : Progressive Rock
Dollar Bill, Matt and a whole lot of instruments and vocals!
Blues : Blues Rock
Velkro Merkin is a blues-rock-progressive-whatever band. Jeff - Drums, guitars, bass, sax, keys, vocals. Pat - Drums, sax, vocals, and misc. Chris - Guitars, vocals, bass. Bill - Guitars, Bass, keys, & misc. Marc - vocals, guitar, harmonica
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Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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hammer (Drake x Future type beat)
Instrumentals - Trap
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About Me
My primary goal with music is to amuse myself. My second (formerly third) goal is to make other musicians smile.
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NEW MUSIC VIDEO - "Lies" by Relative Rabbit  
You can find it on my user page, or copy paste this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq1rOCTMZyo

New music by Relative Rabbit   .
In case you haven't heard, As Fate Would Have it is ready for your enjoyment on the Relative Rabbit band page. Or if you want to sing along, you can watch the lyric video here:
(Hopefully) obviously the new computer is up   I only mention it as it's absurd for my page to still say "working on a new computer" when that ended some time ago.

Still some glitches (hosts that can't find elements but don't hive hints to the user as to how to fix that) but it's good to have a machine that aids in creativity instead of being something that I need to work around.
david a briggs
By the way, I've just completed my cover of The Electric Prunes hit... 'I had too much to dream last night'. If you fancy listening to it, it lives on The Lykes Of Wytch music page. Yep, I've re-formed my imaginary Psychedelic Pop band, 'The Lykes Of Wytch for the Summer! hope that you can also spare a couple of minutes to hear the 'instrumental version' too. Cheers...David
david a briggs
Hi Morgan, I've just been blown away by 'Mortal', by Relative Rabbit...wow what a piece of work. Unusual for me, but i'm a little lost for words. Excellent song.
Hi, thanks for your comments about Summertime. Although I'm mainly a guitar player, I do so enjoy playing bass. I played my Rickenbacker 4003 on Summertime. Thanks Morgan.
Hi, it's my pleasure. A crazy song but brilliant. I'm like you and miss comments and stuff, simply because I'm still unsure about how to find stuff on this 'new' version. Have a nice week.
Thanks so much, Morgan. We used your gear reviews to decide which to use on our collab. ;)
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