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Cyril Welsh
George's River, NS  Canada
Born on January 31, 1958.
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Acoustic : Folk
Cyril Welsh
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About Me
My chief instrument is Button box accordeon aka Melodeon in some regions. I have 3 of them now with a new 'special' one coming soon. I also play harmonica and Irish Tin whistle. I play at kitchen parties, and community events such as church bazaars and senior homes , wherever someone wants to hear a little of the older style of Maratime music. I use a computer to mix midi as background to my vocals and accordeon using Cakewalk, Cubase or Magix Music Maker 14.
My traditional Irish band Gan Ainm has just put up two brand new recordings! Check them out at: www.soundclick.com/ganainm/ We hope you like them and if you do, we'd be proud to be in your radio station. // Andreas of Gan Ainm
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