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Cos Jackson
cosmic elephant
Born on June 4, 1970.
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Electronic : Ambient
Ambient Space music by Derrik (Cos) Jackson
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Instrumentals - Crunk
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About Me
Welcome to the WCER Soundclick site. On this page you will find some of the best independent artists available. We are an organization dedicated to the promotion of independent artists and sharing some of the best, most diverse music on the planet. We welcome artists from all genres and listeners who are tired of mainstream radio. To our returning artists and fan base we thank you for staying with us through the lean times; your loyalty is to be admired. For those of you who are just joining us, welcome to the family. Stay tuned, there’s more to come! Cos cos@elephantradio.org Come check us out at these other sites: http://www.elephantradio.org http://radiocos.ning.com http://myspace.com/cosmic_elephant
Sorry, we're not advertising for beats   We are currently looking for Independent musicians to play on our station. I am sorry to announce this, but we are not looking for artists who are just selling beat tracks. If you are interested in having your full works played on our station please contact me here, or through our main website.

Thank you in advance and good luck with selling your tracks.

Help us Jazz it up on WCER   We're developing a new Jazz channel on WCER. We are currently looking for artists to play, so if you have artists to suggest drop us a line and we'll give them a listen. Also drop by and listen to all of the great artists we already play, with more added regularly.

Our main goal at WCER is to promote great Independent music. You can help us do so, by telling your friends, posting our links, and most of all, by tuning us in and listening to what we have to offer. I guarantee it is some of the best Independent music on the planet!

Drop the antenna and tune us in!

Happy New Year...God Speed 2010!   Hope all of you had a happy and festive holiday season. Now that were in a new year, lets take a new look forward. We have some fantabulous new artists coming on board such as Strange Lights from Colorado and Chasing Jane from Seattle Washington.

Also coming up are new shows for the Sci-Fi Hour, written and directed by WCER. The shows will feature the old-time radio feel and spotlight our usual twists. We’ll keep you posted.

Peace Love and Pachyderms,
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I'm pleased you liked my song "Paradise" well enough to add it to your station. I'm happy to approve your friend request. Cheers . . . Ian
Charlotte's Grove
Thank you so much for being a friend. It would be an honour to get played on your radio station. I'll get back to you over the weekend. Got some gigs to do. Peace. :)
Hey Cos, stopping by to say hello. Hope all is well in radio land! Keep on rockin! Mel :)
Hey there, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one! :)
Hey Cos, thanks for leaving a comment about welcoming us to Team WCER! I'm really excited to have our music played on your station. Have a good one! :)
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