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Jim M
Newborn, Ga  USA
Born on April 3, 1966.
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Rock : Instrumental Rock
Rock Instrumentals, Acoustic Instrumentals, Guitar Instrumentals
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hi there! you don't know me too well, but i jusr spent the better part of my late morning listening to your tunes and tho i didn't stop to comment on each one - several were my favorites. by all means - paper doll was my absolute favorite. it made me think of asking you to consider using that tune as music for a song i wrote called big bombs droppin' it's qan anti war song from a bomber pilot's perspective sort of. i played it on the acoustic, but this blues style fits it perfectly (imho). i've been searching for a guitarist to do this cover (as i can't sing or play anymore, and i only have 'basement tape' recording as heard on the song at my page (toward the middle)) i've got a cd coming out called 'cover me' by several different artists covering my tunes. haley has offered to sing it. if i could get maria daines to do it i would love it but i don't know if she plays anyone elses stuff. let me know either way if you're into a collab/cover. you are a virtuoso! peace---jd
Acoustic Grace
Like the sound you got with Keeper of The Flame - very cool sounding!
Hey Jim ,Hope all is well.I've posted some new tunes.Stop and have a listen when you have time....Erik
Thanks for the comment and support--appreciated-- Have a great holiday weekend
Hello.Thanks alot for the support!Hope all is well in your world.......Peace,E
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