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Selom Gbate
Englewood, NJ  USA
Born on April 2, 1982.
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Instrumentals - Smooth
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About Me
HAILING FROM ENGLEWOOD, NJ , THIS MAN IS FORCE TO RECKON WITH. WANNA KNOW A LITTLE MORE BOUT THE MAN WITH THE SWAGGER THEN CHECK THIS OUT: Jersey-based C-No Murda is the self-proclaimed best rapper you never heard of. With a combination of vivid story telling, killer punch lines, a swagger dudes respect and ladies love, he has all the makings of a legitimate star in the music industry. On his latest cd, he makes an effort to reach all audiences with his 20 tracks of versatile songs which shows his writing ability and his knowledge of music. With nothing on his mind but success, C-No's determination and hard work will definitely take him where he needs to go. Just a year and a half ago, he was in Iraq risking his life and after his near death experiences there, C-No Murda has a new found respect for life and a new kind of hunger. His face is one to get used to because he's not going anywhere (but the top). Get used to him. C-No Murda is not only an artist but he is also a business man. C-No is the President/owner/CEO of New Money Entertainment, an independent company he formed in conjunction with 95 Connect (the movement), which he is also co owner of. 95 Connect is a conglomerate of independent music companies networking together as a unified entity for the sole purpose of taking over the rap game. 95 Connect consists of artists and independent labels out of NY, NJ, DC, VA, and still growing.
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