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World : New Age
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Thanx for the great comments Clint. Appreciate the feedback and the listens!
Listened to 'halogtr'...Exceptional musicianship here. Terrific guitar play throughout with plenty of fx elements that work on all levels. This track takes you to another plane of consciousness. Awesome work
Hi Clint, thanks for listening to my music and your very kind comment. I really appreciate this. Of course I was curious about your music and played all songs today. You are a very gifted guitar player! I enjoyed the fresh sound and jazzy melodies, e.g. I like "litetrain". Your great songs really make people feel happy while listening. Take care and best regards, Juergen
darko angeleski
Hi Clint, thank you for your warm words... your comments really made my day! Your music is very beautiful, too! Take care, Darko
Mr Grant
Thanks Clint for the friend request and the feedback. Will definitely drop through and check on you and your music. Take care, Arlen aka Mr Grant
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