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Bob Forbes
Deming, NM  USA
Howdy Folks!
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Rock : Progressive Rock
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Rock : Instrumental Rock
Progressive Guitar Rock
World : New Age
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Thanks for the great comments on both of my new songs Bob! That could be King Richards Bones in the pic...I just picked it because of the looks of it. I remember not too many years ago they found his bones under that parking place and said they were 100% positive it was him. I guess he had given some blood for DNA samples back in the day...him and Shakespeare together...lol
Got my pre amp fixed and sang this song with it today- https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13854277 Have a good week Bob!
Thanks for the kind words on my new one Bob! Much appreciated!
Hi Bob. Yes, it must have been Andy's guitar I heard. He probably has a guitar synth somewhere between all those pedals. Righ next to the "Thunder and lightning" one :0) You guys sound amazing together!
Hi Bob. I have a new one up called "The impact remains the same".
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