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Bob Forbes
Deming, NM  USA
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Rock : Progressive Rock
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Rock : Instrumental Rock
Progressive Guitar Rock
World : New Age
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Hi Bob Hoping to get my computer to repair shop today before the snow and freezing rain arrives, just in case I can't get back online before Christmas Roger and I would like to wish you and your family a WONDERFUL Christmas, we have really enjoyed listening to your music in 2018 and would like to say a big thank you for stopping by to listen and comment on our offerings. CHEERS TO THE MUSIC !
Before I could see the MF sight and I really liked reading the reviews on various equipment. You can't believe every review but you can get an idea what people really think from reading several of them. I sometimes order stuff from handlers in the USA but the German Zoll (customs) tax is extremely high so you got to keep the price down. I call them the remains of the Nazis cause they are all rude and act like Nazis... Mostly I buy from Thomann. Too bad I can't access the MF sight anymore... Nice new song Bob! Just in time for the season.
I am familiar with that...I can't look at Musicians friend anymore cause it is not available in my country anymore! I don't understand the big problem Rodz stepped in and helped me with the codes and IId numbers and got me going again so I was able to post the song on my front page. SC should pay her a monthly administration fee for all she does for them. Sorry my top secret link dosen't work. To see it you have to type it in YouTube from where you are I guess...crazy stuff
Thanks a million for the comment on "King of the Hill" Bob! I can't seem to get the player to play it on my front page... When I was 10 years old my Grandmother took me to a small guitar shop and I told the old man there I wanted a guitar that has that chiming sound...well he had no clue. Always loved the Rickenbacker 12 so this song caught my attention back in the 90's I found this video on the net https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGunZd732qQ
Sorry for being tardy, Bob! I have explained the reason on my FB page, hope you have read it. Once again - Great Thanks for your friend's help with this cover - it was really difficult for me to find something appropriate, since the subject has very abstract and even paradox character. And, surely, thanks a lot for your kind words in your estimation of what I did, my friend. We're just stay in touch! Cheers. Andy. ))
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