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Bob Bruno
Born on February 14, 1945.
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Alternative : Experimental
I am playing the stringed bass,piano, guitar, singing , and using past clips from previous recordings I have made over the last forty years including my groups , my old recordings,and electronic music .
Jazz : Jazz General
These recordings are done on my computer from past recordings I have done with bands over the years since the sixties. I am playing the stringed bass ,guitar, piano,singing, and editing my own electronic incidental music into the mix .
Jazz : Jazz General
This collection is currently of Gag tunes I performed over a period of many years . Some were more popular than others . While the material is dated a lot of it , surprisingly, can be seen as current as well .
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Instrumentals - Instrumentals with Hooks
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Come from the Mirror Alice   I have deleted all my blog post. Each was truncated by this site . I won't be inhibited again by this illusion of freedom.
Listened to 'Before the Storm B'...Killer blues/rock with a raw and powerful feel...Rockin' all the way...
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