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blunted sultan
blunted sultan beats
phoenix, arizona  USA
Born on January 9, 1985.
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Instrumentals : Hip Hop
myspace.com/bluntedsultan bluntedsultan.blogspot.com bluntedbeats.com
HipHop : New School
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Instrumentals - Smooth
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Instrumentals - Trap
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About Me
all beats are for sale call 602 820 5422 email viceversa602@yahoo.com or visit Bluntedsultan.blogspot.com for free music and more...
Jazzy, soulful beats, totally original, totally fresh!! www.soundclick.com/MrLevy
Royal Entry
yo got new tracks up listen vote and spread the word www.soundclick.com/royalentry peace and blessings Royal Entry
royal 1 cuzz
wat gd fam im feelin ur tracks ,the boneyard joint is crazy man
Why En Zee
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Hi BSB- respect In the darkest of times, you need the darkest trips. There are some troubled times in the distant future. To combat the 'dark-matter-bio-weapons' and 'false-magic' of the Rulers, Ynz requested that some serious beats were needed. He came to OBP. "OBP!! the future needs your help!!" -Ynz "The funk will never die" -OBP http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8932753
yo sh*** hot .....lets collab... www.myspace.com/scarecroofthefoundation
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