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Blu Ecstacy
Birmingham, AL  USA
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About Me
Who am I? Well, I am originally from Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I came to Birmingham on a sports scholarship. That is where I began rapping. Me and a few dudes that were good friends of mine would hook up a microphone we bought to the stereo and just freestyle to instrumentals. We loved going at the song Paparrazi. That was our thing. After that, I would always seem to be around people that we would just start freestyling and having fun. After I graduated from college, I had my first daughter so I immediately began working. I always kept rap in my heart and would flow with/against people when the opportunity presented itself. My entire family lived in TN so pursuing a career wasn't an option with my daughter. Many already didn't expect me to make it when I had her. I'm sure they were waiting for me to come back home, but I had other plans. I went back to school and got a Master's degree and I now work as a computer programmer. I'm married and I just had two kids over the last two years. So all that is out of the way now. During this time, I've decided to write and rap because it's what I love to do. I have time and I can focus on writing and for me it is an escape and it is fun. So now we are here. The bio will get longer as this new turn in my life develops. Stay tuned. Hit me up www.myspace.com/bluecstacymusic
Zayan MuziQ
just passing thru showing you some love
Whats good Blu, Much respect 2 U 4 keepin' it sexy in the 2 0 5 (U know we get it in) Peace S h a d o w
mr salt
Just droppin some LUV on Ya.... Keep doin BIG Thangs... I'm feelin ya! Have a Great up comming week.... Holla atcha lata Sis!
Word up! N-joi this monday
respect, thanks blu ecstacy forshowin me some love with the add request. keep in touch.
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