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bill ely
Eden, nc  USA
Born on October 25, 1997.
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Rock : Rock General
Bill Ely writes songs, and has been writing since 1976. BEB is Bills all original music project, recording producing and performing this material since 1998.
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About Me
Bill Ely was Born and raised in Southern Cali. Spent as much time as possible roaming the coast and beaches, Hunnington Beach, Laguna Beach. His favorite childhood memories are the times spent with his buddy Gary S. Got his first guitar at age 8. first RoKK band age 15. Jan. 2007 Bill is finally consumed by his own RoKK band and disappears into the music. He becomes the band as the band becomes him. See BEB on youtube !!! SEE them LIVE all over North Carolina and beyond ! ! ! ! ! LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.
About Bill Ely Band   Brand new song up and like most BEB songs they begin as full band recorded live to a alesis hd24 and then other tracks may be added. This tune "When We Were Dating was recorded this way and mixed live through a mackie24/8 board directly to the hard drive, no fake beats, no effects, no compression!!!! Only the board EQ was used, what you get is a very live sounding recording, kinda harsh, but very clean at the same time an in you face kick ass tune!!!
Supporting Independent Music in North Carolina.   Please support Independent Music in North Carolina and Beyond ! ! ! As a listener I choose to support independent music, I just don't see giving my support and money to "The chosen Few"(top 40) in any given genre, anything controled by the big labels. Independent bands work hard for less, we bleed to please you ! ! ! We put in twice the hours, working all day and playing all night. In the wee hrs of the morning we are in dimly lit studios and basements, working on lots of times, used and second hand equipment. Stacked up all over, put together and wired up in ways the designer would have...
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