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Roger Turner
United Kingdom
Born on July 17, 1948.
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Acoustic : Acoustic Vocals
Linda writes and performs her own songs, unaccompanied, for her friends all over the world
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Instrumentals - Smooth
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About Me
i am poet, writer and creative video maker. I have many artistic friends and manage the uk promotion of Linda Vale Martin
I just want to mention that on my video that Roger made, THE BLANKET OF WINTER, all of the pictures in it were taken by him near his home in Yorkshire, England. They had the worst snow storm on record there two weeks ago, in November 2010, and received about six feet of snow ! I noticed that Roger had not said anything about his pictures, and just wanted everyone to know that he, like myself, is a picture-taking nut !! He uses his photos in most of his own videos, which he shows on another site. Great job on this one, Woger me love !!! Thank you for all that you do for me !!
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Well, my luv, finally figured out how to get here from there ! My gosh...look at all the views on our videos !! Roger, thanks so much for all your hard work...it's lots of fun being here on SoundClick and having folks listen to what we do !! Have a question, I do...how do I ask you to be my friend ?? Lots of nooks and crannies here on this site that I have yet to get my mind wrapped around...lol !! That is one of them !! SO...HERE IS A THANK YOU MESSAGE FROM ME...FINALLY !!! Have a Guinness on me next time you manage to trudge through that snow to go to the pub, eh ?? Love, Linda
Robin Cooke
Hi Roger, Thanks for adding The Moon Shines Bright to your station. I'm so glad you liked it. I think it's one of the really great John Renbourn arrangements although unfortunately he is probably the only one who can do justice to it. Still one can only try! Thanks again. Regards Robin
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