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My life partner is a girl! The same girl for 45 ( 42 married) years! We have been married so long..... My old lady is an old lady!!! It is a good thing. She is so hot, she still has the NEW GIRL smell! The girl of my dreams!
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Fake news 60's style   Here is an old joke from the 60's, fake news at it's best.
Kennedy and Nikita Krushcheve were arguing and decided to run a foot race to see who wins.
Kennedy beat the Russian and the American news reported Kennedy wins, beats Krushcheve!
The Russian news reported, Krushcheve comes in second place, Kennedy finishes next to last.
That's the way cnn sees it now.
Global warming   The temperature at Tampa Airport is warmer because of the location of the sensor and all of the urbanization that has occurred over the past 20 years.
That's my point. Global warming has to happen, and we cannot stop it. The earth has cycles that will happen with, or without, Al Gore. But I think it is not as rapid as the (sky is falling) alarmists are saying due to where we take the temps. The experts also cite less pollen and more C02 from sea floor drilling. The years w/o pollen etc are the years from the last ice age when ice covered 60/70% of the earth, and vegetation was ...
Teachers with guns   On another subject, I would hesitate to let most of the teachers I've met borrow my car, never mind hold, even an unloaded gun. Last month they could not spank an unruly child, now people want to let the same teachers have a 007 license to kill. The logic is not there. There is something wrong with choosing gun violence to stop gun violence when discipline has not been tried.
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