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bamboo militi
queens, NY  USA
Born on October 3, 1984.
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About Me
Adding to the list, Another hip hop male keeping Queens on the map. Bamboo Militi (Militant) from The ThirstyFirst Team (Thirstyfirstradio.com). Bamboo was sent out to complete a mission. To play the front line in this RAP WAR. While growing up in Woodside projects in the borough of Queens, Bamboo Militi always knew he had to make a move and get his family out of the ghetto. Bamboo feels fortunate to survive the harsh street life of his neighborhood, as many of his peers have been lost due to the violence on the streets. That's when Bamboos' music was born. It is more of a need for creative expression than a burning desire for the SPOTLIGHT. That is what lends the authenticity of his music that will distinguish him from other Rappers. Bamboo began rapping in ciphers in and around the projects and quickly became well known for his rap style. To this day, all of Bamboos goals and dreams give him motivation for the REST OF HIS LIFE. Bamboo Militi is Universal and will touch the souls of people EVERYWHERE.
LEKZEE PATRICK last edited on Sun Feb 6, 2011 @ 02:38 PM Really Great music, Bamboo!!!You have class!!!
I zapped the 5's for you.
And some spinz.
Thank you for the friendship add.
I have some strange azz music maybe you will listen.:)
Countess Lekzee (the undead)
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