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alex datsko
sacramento, ca  USA
Born on October 26, 1980.
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About Me
Amplex, based out of Sacramento, CA, is currently devoted to producing dubstep/triphop/eclectro with the only goal of entertaining himself and others with musical compositions. The music of Amplex is meant to create an otherworldly atmosphere, where emotion and science meet. By keeping his aspirations low to the ground, he has allowed himself to devote his time to solely working with beats and developing new strategies. Constantly learning and inventing different techniques, he has taught himeslf many tricks of the trade. Amplex uses a very small collection of gear: a microkorg, DSI mopho, an ER1, and circuitbent synths and toys. He uses his custom pc running Cubase SX3 (with tons of plugins, this is where most of his sounds develop from) along with his prized Yamaha HS80 monitors, to develop a sound that is clinical and mesmorizing. Please feel free to leave comments on what you hear; what you liked about the songs, how the songs made you feel, etc. If you didnt like the music, constructive criticism is also welcomed. Feel free to say the song sucked, had no imagination, had bad sounds/mix, etc. This helps the music evolve even more than just saying, "it was good/bad" =] Music is the song of the soul, so let your spirits loose!
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