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Alex Kriukov
Gurnee, IL  USA
Born on August 1, 1969.
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Acoustic : Acoustic General
Beautiful instrumental guitar music.
Classical : Symphonic
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About Me
I am a guitarist and songwriter, playing different kinds of music from rock to folk to classical to Spanish, Arabic and Eastern European. I was born in Moscow, Russia in August 1969 and travelled a lot before setteling in Toronto, Canada. I began composing music while in university and am very passionate about writing music. I love all kinds of music and am glad to have my music on the web where there are a lot of truly gifted artists.
Recent Activity
DOWN BY THE SEA   O take me down by the sea
That's where my new home will be
Oceans will rise, rivers flow with the tide
Bringing your love back to me

Laying afloat by the shore
Watching the waves kiss the sand
All through the night
Rivers meeting the tide
Gently caressing the sea

On through the storms I will pass
Rocked by the waves in my trail
My ship will roam through the tempest unscathed
Back to your shores it will sail

O take me back to my home
My abode by the ocean floor
Waves that will rise, sweep me in with the tide
Carry you to me once more
As darkness of the night descends
Upon the town
Where life has left
And through the stillness of the night
No moving soul
No one in sight

The wretched wind that howls and chills
The lonesome tree, its branches trill
A snow drift passes on the trail
And flickers by my window pane

And as I stare into the night
I see no life
No soul in sight
I dream to see another day
And that the sun will find its way
Vacations (an excerpt)   Our biggest family trips would take place in the summer when we would travel to Piarnu, Estonia, which was located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Piarnu had some of the most picturesque beaches that I had seen with the crystal clear water washing against the bright yellow sand on the shore. Similarly, the Laurentian mountains in Quebec in December gave an idyllic view of winter paradise where the gently falling light snow caressed and enveloped the pine trees before falling and rolling on the steep covered hills. The Smoky mountains in Tennessee in the middle of October, captivated the ...
Hi Alex, thanks for checking out my songs, much appreciated! :) Hope you are having a good week, Rodz
Hi Alex, thanks for adding me to your list of friends! :) I enjoyed listening to some of your music today - excellent guitar playing. Keep in touch, best wishes Rodz
Alex, loved the video's. nice pickin'. is that a guild you're playing? it looks alot like mine. good to see you up and playing. I enjoyed the vids very much!! thanks for sharing them. hope you had a nice holiday weekend. k
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Hi Alex, really sorry to hear about the surgery. glad to hear you're healing and getting well. I would love to hear some new music from you. please keep me updated. I kinda been in the dumps health wise myself, nothing major. Alex, please continue getting well. best regards, k
Hi Alex, stopping in to say hi. sorry for not being around much. Hope all the holidays were good for you and your family. it's always nice to hear from you. take care! k
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