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Toni E.
Born on November 7, 1971.
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About Me
I am an artist specializing in film, stop-motion animation, canvas painting, and appropriated object sculpture. No film works without the right music. My work is heavily influenced by the sort of music I listen to at the time, whether it be painting a canvas, or hours spent taking 1000's of images for a stop motion animation. I live on the Texas gulf coast, have a passion for reptiles, the outdoors, and creative seclusion. I am not rich, but I am damn good at what I do, and will be scouring the free licensing lists for gems to use in my film making. ( Giving the musicians proper credit of course!) Thank you artists for being so generous to those of us that can appreciate but create in a different way...
the idiots loop Hi Toni,

Hows things? Looking foward to seeing some more of your work. I'm still really liking "Pensive" but would love to see more. All the best Mess
the idiots loop last edited on Thu Jul 2, 2009 @ 02:32 PM Hi Toni,

We went to see ACDC at Hampden on Tuesday. They were outstandingly awesome in the extreme. Its about 30 odd degrees here right now. Thats hot enough to melt houses in Scotland. So we're only just recovering from all that heat, alcohol and an aftergig bevy at the Cathouse. In the meantime I've uploaded about 40 minutes of stuff to Mediafire. Its got a better quality version of Founders.
All the best Mess.

Higher Than Pope Love the two acrylics. Are you going to be posting more?
the idiots loop Hi,
Thanks for the friends request and interest in our music. Theres about 30 hours of instrumental guitar music, most of it similar to the stuff posted on Soundclick, on the 8 track HD that I'm in the process of mixing and converting to MP3. I'll upload to Mediafire or Rapidshare and post you the link. You might find something you could use for your projects. I thought "Pensive" an incredible piece. I don't know much about art but the colours and textures are very evocative. Keith and Paul are the artists, I'm just the noise polluter.
All the best with your work, Mess.
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