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Yoshie Kubota
Baltimore, MD  USA
Born on June 16, 1963.
My own artist pages
Acoustic : Acoustic Piano
Healing Music Page. These works are good for healing your heart, grief care. Soothing your broken heart. Mindfulness works. Use as your sleep inducer. Use as your tranquilizer, antidepressants. I hope you feel better after you listen these musics
Electronic : Ambient
Our pieces are improvisation based ambient music.
Pop : J-Pop
Acoustic : Acoustic Piano
Warm touch and relaxing piano solos and ensemble pieces. Mixed of peaceful feelings and emotional moments. It is like a meditation. You won't need sleeping pills anymore! You will be healed by Yoshie's sound. Like a Vitamin for your heart...
Classical : Classical General
Yoshie Kubota is an classical pianist. This page is for Yoshie's Classical Piano Repertoires.
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About Me
A native of Kyoto, Japan, Yoshie Kubota has lived in New York City since 1988. Now she lives in Baltimore,MD since 2006. Ms. Kubota has appeared as a soloist with orchestra in Japan under the batton of Mr. Yutaka Sado. She has appeared on Radio FM Osaka and performed in major cities in Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Chiba, Kochi and Kyoto. In the United States she has performed in CA, OH, DC, CT, WV, PA, NJ, MD, NY include at Lincoln Center. Yoshie has a Master of Music degree in piano performance from the Mannes College of Music (New York City) in 1990. She also attended the Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy and Festival(Japan), Salzburg Music Festival(Austria) and Nice Summer Music Academy(France). Her teachers include Grant Johannesen, Toshiyuki Fukumoto, Tsugiko Oshibuchi, and Katsuko Fukumoto. Masterclasses with Edith Picht-Axenfeld (Japan), Jaques Rouvier (France). Yoshie is a member of a chamber group"Baltimore Canon" since 2006. She was an official accompanist and assistant faculty member at International Music Institute and Festival U.S.A. summer since 2006. Yoshie started to compose her original music since 2006 spring and already made more than 20 pieces by now.
Memories of Tales Runner  

I wrote a theme song for a game called "Tales Runner" recently and the trailer came up today!

You can download this song for free from here.
Many Thanks and Happy Holidays to all of you !!  

Mr.yabapapa made a beautiful photos of illuminations in Japan into a slide show with my music "Good Night (E.Piano ver.)"
The Eternal Wind (Instrmental ver.) is going to be used for a movie.   "The Eternal Wind(Instrument ver.)" is used for a documentary film "Finding Tonio". Here's a trailer.
This film will be screened in Hollywood coming December. The proceeds from the film will be used to help families with children, who have autism cope with medical expenses.

Mirage Productions
ganimead Hello Yoshie, I have just been enjoying your beautiful music. I have had some problems of late and needed some good healing music therapy. I came to the right place. By the way, I also played your "Shif and Yoshie " page and was very impressed with your collaborations. Anyway, I hope that you are well and that everything is going good for you.
Your fan for always,
John G.
ProgRockDan1 Love your music and singing
God of Natures last edited on Sun Jun 26, 2011 @ 11:43 PM How are you?Yoshie.

I am hiroyuki.

Thank you for always.
I have had some time off to compose
Sound click resumed its activities in the Rose LIP also by artist.
Thank you for your always kind comments.
I hope your happy.

All ways Thank you.
Dear friend Yoshie Kubota.

Peace and Love ROSE LIP

marc morlock ----"Beautiful"----
riddler0019 thank you for accepting
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