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Trouble Waters
Brooklyn, NY  USA
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Gritty, truthful, Soulful and Honest
Urban : Neo-Soul
Instrumentals : R&B
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About Me
Harlem born, World raised, I am Trouble Waters the Soulster, bout to bring Soul back by digging deep into a TROUBLED SOUL u dig! Grew up hard, poor, and alone. A lady that used to baby sit me always said "here comes Trouble" yea she was right, I am Trouble! And I am embracing it, loving it, surrendering to it, great soul music comes from those who put there story to music, hear me, feel me, allow me to touch U through my music. Trouble
Trouble Waters
Are you ready?
Trouble Waters
Are you ready?
Trouble Waters
Yo, posting some song drafts for your approval, tell me what you think!! keep it gully!!
Trouble Waters
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Need help with mix, just putting up a few RAW songs for testing purposes. Help me out, who mixes? MrTroubleWaters@yahoo.com or just leave message on SoundClick. Peace
Trouble Waters
This music piece is hard, but it must be our mission to free those who are awaiting that sound that will stir their souls and loosen their spirits, for Music is Life, Passion, Pain, Lost, Sorrow and most of all She is Love! Peace
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