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Trailerpark Rebels
Payson, utah  USA
Born on July 18, 1979.
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Country : Country-Rock
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About Me
extensively instructed at the age of four Amber Beck learned to hear and produce sound with intent and has been polishing it since. John played bass for the L.A. Rock scene in the 80's consisting of playing with James Brown, Cheap Trick, X, Iron Butterfly, and the Beachboys and many many more. Picking up Guitar in the 90's and became smooth riding he makes Van Halens licks look easy. Amber and John then Merged when they met at a Cover Band Audition found the intensity of talent within eachother. Cody Creviston worked with John as a road Manager of Band After Eden. And much to our delight found he was extremely talented So we brought him on board to play Bass. Corinne Moore is Amber's sister and was raised in the same likeness Amber was with continual instruction on perfecting vocal performance. Corinne showed great talent and discipline and so became a part of Trailerpark Rebels
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Hey Trailerpark - I really appreciated getting your friend request and congrats on having such a cool name...I really like it a lot :-) Feel free to explore our sites, check out what we're all about, and to drop me a line any time - it's always good to meet new people, make new friends :-) W. Ray Bertram Writer, Lyricist, and Founder of KaBERTRAM!!! SoundClick: http://members.soundclick.com/KaBertram YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KaBertram MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kabertram Atomic Rocket Global Productions http://members.soundclick.com/Atomic+Rocket BCC Global: The Back Country Connection SoundClick: http://members.soundclick.com/The+Back+Country+Connection CMB Page: http://www.countrymusicbroadcasting.com/artists/backcountryconnection.html
Trailerpark Rebels
Hey There is so much talent out there. it is so good to see the creativity of the human mind focus and develop a great display of music and art or any ability. I am checking out lots and lots of talent and some is good and some is more fascinating
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