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Lionel Bijaoui
The Super Unknown
Toulouse, FR-31  France
Born on January 19, 1989.
My own artist page
Electronic : Electronica
The Super Unknown, whose real name is Lionel Bijaoui (born the 19 January of 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland) is a French independent composer of electronic music. \\\_Enjoy your life_///
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About Me
Music brings you emotion, happiness and joy, and that's what I'm looking forward to do. In that way, I encourage you to discover my songs and download them all. For free. Welcome to an another world. You can also visit my Official Website, and fill the form to add your email to my Official Mailing list. If you do so you will receive an exclusive song! - Download my albums at Bandcamp and name your price, no minimum! - Become a Fan on Facebook and spread the word - Scrobble my songs on Last FM - Alternative Websites : Jamendo! Reverbnation! Purevolume! Ourstage! Humblevoice! Weeloop! ~The Super Unknown~
#7-Mind Gap hit the charts !   Mind Gap is now my highest song in the chart. This is clearly thanks to you. So, thank you very much ! It's like a small victory for me ! Champagne ! :D
See the score in the photo : #65 in the *MAIN* Electronica board ! Yeah !
#6-The Dynamic of Evolution and Facebook   My new album, The Dynamic of Evolution, is now released on Soundclick and Last FM. Take your time to discovers it.

Moreover, you can now become a "fan" (let's say "a supporter" instead) on my Facebook page.
As you can see I also added some graphics and pictures, and I have done some house cleaning on my profile.

Goodbye everybody !
#5-BIG Update!!!   Hello everyone! This time, I’m back for a big update!

Je ne vais plus traduire les billets de ce blog en français, choses que je ne faisais déjà presque pas, contrairement à ma volonté première. Néanmoins, je ne vous oublie pas, bien au contraire car vous pouvais désormais accéder à un autre site, entièrement en français (enfin presque il y a un peu d’anglais, mais on ne va pas chipoter ^^). Ce site est un équivalent de Soundclick, mais en beaucoup mieux. J’y ferais plus souvent des mises à jour, vous aurai le plaisir de lire des articles de qualité dans...
Hi there, Thanks for your kind comments, they warm my heart. Nice beat here, nice energy , nice sound ! great stuff! Keep the big beats up ! A très bientôt. Mejazzz
Heyy I love your beats!!!.. really that's amazin!!.. courage continue comme ça!!..
Hey Bilouba, Bad juju, thanks for all your comments , complètement d'accord je suis vraiment pas doué pour mixer .......... Oui ; je dois le faire mieux.............. Ces temps ci menus problemes de santé me tiennent eloigné de guitare et sound click, heureux de te connaitre . J'écouterai ta musique plus tranquillement . Bon dimanche .Pierre
Merci pour l'ajout j'adore ta musique continue comme ça surtout bonne journée ! Valentin
robot rock
Bilouba, I hope things are going good and you are off to a great new year. I just uploaded my first new song for 2008 - EPILOGUE. It is one of the heaviest tracks that I've done - very aggressive with lots of vocoder and 303. It is the final song for my new album (hence the name) and the subject matter kind of summarizes the When Machines Dream concept. Turn it up and let me know what you think! http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_music.cfm?bandID=418236
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