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Erik Lindsey
The Madd Scientist
Pheonix, AZ  USA
Born on September 14, 1983.
My own artist page
Electronic : Trance
Hey Hows it hang good i hope well My name is DJ-SYNTHO I am a small time music artist among other things. I make all my music on a computer and i must say i am quite good at it. My main area of music is centered around. Trance, dance, rave, electronica
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Instrumentals - East Coast
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About Me
Well what can i say i just love Music i make my own and get my inspiration from other artist that i come across. Music for me is something that i love not just as a hobby but as a way of life. As the old saying goes music calms the savage beast. I make all my music from my pc and love to writ book and poetry in my spare time. I am curently looking for a school to go to just to better my selfe and get more out of life. It is my dream that someday i can have a family of my own and rase them in a way that no one would ever think to do. But when i die i want to die happy and peace full or watching cartoons with my kids and there kids or in bed with my wife. I am a very out spoken person i say what i feel everyday so i guess that is all i have to say if you want to know more all you need to do is ask
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