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Legendary Mastermind
The Legendary Mastermind
New York, New York  USA
Born on September 10, 1982.
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Legendary Mastermind Entertainment Group Unsigned Artist Mixtape
HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
The Legendary Mastermind creates a fresh hip hop vibe. Her lyrics, and delivery can be compared to that of MC Lyte, Common, Andre 3000, and Kanye West. I try to tell a good story using vivid details, lyrical wizardry. I've got exactly what the ind..
Blues : Country Blues
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About Me
Everything is everything. I get it how I live.
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fallback still da sh***...yo, add my myspace.com/gulleeboy
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What's good SoundClick. Just wanted to invite you to listen to the variety of tracks that I have available. Check out www.myspace.com/mastermindthelegendary for regular updates, contact info, funny sh***.... Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Holla
weaz bean dcf
whats good ? came to show u some luv. check ya boy out. add da myspace page if u got 1. myspace.com/weazbean
whats up folk; u have a very unique style; u should come thru and listen to some of my beats; appreciate all the love from you. one
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Yo, i want u to kno...you dope as hell to me...i'm listening to "fallback" rite while i'm writing this
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