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The Digital Divide
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Electronic : Electronica
Solo Project by Vic D. Harder edge electronic over the more Ambient style of my other Moniker: The Digital Divide
Electronic : Mellow
Electronic , New Age, Soundtrack and Ambient Music...
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About Me
Smooth and melodic are words that best describe the music of The Digital Divide. I would like to be involved in scoring for soundtracks, movies, TV, documentaries, etc. Being trained as a trumpet player during the 70's was the beginning of a love for many types of music. Fascination with electronics and synthesizers further enhanced this passion. Listening to the music of the early electronic pioneers was truly an inspirational journey. Buying my first synthesizer in the early 80's was the catalyst that fueled my adventures in song writing. Embracing this technology was the key to a life long love of the recording arts. My Current compositions are all instrumental. Some using organic instrumentation while others are truly for the analog synth purist. I truly hope you enjoy the work I have created. If so, please tell a friend.
The Digital Divide
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