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James Pfeifer
Talent Showcase Radio
Born on January 28, 1970.
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Beat Demons
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Instrumentals - Pop
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About Me
Talent Showcase Radio is dedicated to promoting the talents of artists from around the world. This station features a wide variety of music from several genres. Please support artists by listening to their music and leaving comments. Thanks, James Talent Showcase Radio www.TalentShowcaseRadio.com
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Liked Judy Henry Church's song You Carried My Cross. Apr 7, 2012
Just wanted to say hi. Been a while.
Hiya, would be honoured if you would take a listen to my songs and maybe play one on your station?, rock on :) http://www.soundclick.com/asgoodwin
Hello I want to wish you and yours a very happy new year! Check out my page! songs of intrest are When God Made You Fairytales Where I Wanna Be and She's My Baby Doll God Bless!!
Michael Patteen
I just want to say hello and have a happy holidays!
Moonlight Label
Thanks for adding my songs on your station ! Have a GREAT weekend ... Keep in touch, MC
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