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ThRob Ugly
Los Angeles, CA  USA
Born on July 30, 1979.
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HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
M.C. / Producer shows strong points on mixtape tracks, working on an upcoming collabo album.
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About Me
So about me I make music, I dabble in acting-- I am in love with my gorgeous girlfriend Heleen! I miss my daughter "Peanut" Emma-Em very much. But, I came to California to make a better future for myself and to one day let her have access all the things that her mother will never be able to living in the projects of Toronto, OH. But- I'm not gonna let any of that bring me down no longer, Im gonna to work the hardest I've ever had before to insure a future that will enrich both our lives! I miss my old friends back home so much, but hopefully once I get my feet on the ground some will come out here and join me!!! If not I'm sure I'll be back out that way! Oh well-- I got things to do so contact me people! Im not shy!

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