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Brett Harper
Eugene, OR  USA
Born on October 21, 1985.
My own artist page
Electronic : Electro
Hard, pulsing, distorted jungle and d&B beats mixed with thumping house like bass and heavy distorded melodies from the darker industrial realm.
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About Me
Whats up people! Welcome to my official SoundClick page! My name is Brett, but I'm more affectionately and professionally known as SlayerX. I'm a musician, a producer, a model, and a writer. Here on SoundClick you will find my music on the charts under the solo project name Steel Abyss. I encourage you to listen to it, take part in the revolution, and vote Steel Abyss! The goal of my music is to promote more open minded thinking and enlightenment in the average human being. The songs are highly poetic and in most cases are drawn off of poetry I myself wrote. This poetry has some extremely powerful meaning behind it. Take it to heart and see what it does for your body, mind, and soul. Please drop me a line if you like what you hear here on SoundClick or if you just want to get to know the person behind the music. Till then TAKE IT EVIL! --SlayerX--
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