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Shaun Christensen
Sydney, Australia
Born on October 13, 1969.
My own artist page
Rock : Rock General
I'm a guitarist/musician schooled mainly in rock. Old style - new. Though saying that I'm still trying to find the secret to writing the perfect "pop" song. If I can stomp my foot and sing along to it,that's my idea of the ideal song.
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About Me
Guitarist/Musician/Home Studio Noodler. You ever heard that song "The Rocker" by Thin Lizzy? Well you should,that song is me. I've been playing music since I was 11 years old. It's in my blood see. It's my earliest memory. I'm in the middle of writing & recording my latest project at the moment,so stick around...Cheers & Beers.

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Whats up? Hope all is well! I bet it`s warm in Sydney, it`s cold as cold can be here lol..Cheers dude!
Shaun Took your new tunes for a spin, Great stuff man! Fabulous work my friend! Hope all is well! Mike
hey man .. thanx for lookin me up i like your tunes ..very melodic ..good job peace terry
Keith Dallas Ward
breakout is a cool song,, nice melody change at the 3/4 mark.. would love to throw some vox behind it.. drop a line,, good stuff. keith
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Lowdown Yeah!! Mr Hardcore is HOT! Love that tone you have man!! Kick A** 100%..Killer acoustic spots also...and an excellent mix too! My hats off bro, awesome work!!
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