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Duisburg, 47239  Germany
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Rock : Guitar Rock
Serious-Music means: Dark and deep songs from the real life.
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About Me
Everything began before more than 20 years. Serious-Music took her first keyboard lessons there. After some years lessons she went onto "the wild" and composed her songs, arranged it and sang to them. There are usually serious lyrics, which concern herself. Serious-Music works in different genres: Softrock, Rock, Alternative up to Ambient and Electronics. Her motto: Music is a matter of feeling.
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Added Habits feat. Paul Dempsey to her playlist Seriousmusic's station. Jul 9
Commented on her status Jul 5
Posted on the band/artist Serious-Music (Germany). Jun 16
Liked Bob Forbes's song Jyna. Feb 12
Liked Bob Forbes's song Going Down. Feb 5
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Liked Bob Forbes's song Time Marches On. Dec 30, 2017
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Guilt (drama) with lyrics from Paul Dempsey   A new collaboration with Paul Dempsey again. GUILT. It needed a drama feeling. Thanks to Paul.
Put Out The Flame feat. Paul Dempsey   A new song with the lyricist Paul Dempsey from California. Sad but real story. I found a way to present the sad lyrics with lively music.
Silence - a little bit bitchy   New on my bandpage: SILENCE is a new collaboration (Lyrics Paul Dempsey). A little bit entertainment and also a little bit snappy. This kind of music is another face from Serious-Music.
Bob Forbes
Morten and I thank you Inge ;^))
Listened to 'Memories Fade (The Lost Ones)".Really interesting and enjoyable journey into your music world
Bob Forbes
Bob Forbes
Hallo Inge ;^)) Thank you for your kind comments on "My Heart Belongs To You". I hope to chat with you again on your next radio show. Cheers to a beautiful day ~ Bob
Greetings to you from "Hot'Lanta", GA (USA)... Thank you very much for including me in your list of friends!!!
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