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Mark Pitt
Somewhere, CO  USA
Born on February 23, 1957.
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About Me
I am of the Wiccan faith and life style. I enjoy listening to Celtic, Wiccan, Folk, Political Satire, Classic/Gothic Rock, Golden Oldies, 1960's music, electronica trance and dance. Well this pretty much dates me to about how old I am yet I am very much young at heart and soul. I love to work on computers. I am still single and looking as in never married however played the field some and still do to a degree. I love Colorado USA very much and would not move or go near the South Eastern USA for any amount of money ever again. The South Eastern USA and Midwest is just way too humid for me. No offense to other peoples sexual preference however I am straight and do not want people of the gay - homosexual - lesbian type to contact me. If a person is gay - homosexual - lesbian that is their business just do not involve me in any way with it OK. I also do not like Rap music since most of the Rap music I have heard negatively degrades women and is suggestively violent in a lot of ways. I am about global peace towards my fellow man - woman and child. I also do not believe in geo-political boundries of any kind. ;-)
Hi Mark Just stopping by to say thank you for adding my song to your station. Hope you are having a good weekend. Rodz
Hello one and all, I think I finally got rid of the infiltrators that do not read my page statement and if they did read they went and done it any way. Well they are gone gone gone now. Hio silver Thunder away..
Hello all my sound click friends apparently some people do not read my page statement and yet they continue to contact anyway well. I just deleted over have of the so called friends on my sound click site. Everyone have a great day OK over and out for now..
Hi Mark, thanks for adding my songs to your station. Have a good upcoming week. Rodrica
Hello everyone I do not know if you noticed the fallout shelter sign wallpaper on my page as it is. Well now this is a well played anagram. Starting with the blue letters and yes the 2 can be used as a S and see how many words you can make of it. Then use the letters in the word fallout shelter plus the blue letters and see how many words you can make from them in English, french and Spanish. Someone I know came up with 64 words and got lost from there. Lets see how many words my soundclick friends can make of them. Mark Allen Pitt markallen454@yahoo.com
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