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Rick Roman
Roman Recordings
Wonder Lake, Il.  USA
Born on November 29, 1949.
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Rock : Christian Rock
A Jesus rock band that loves the Lord and His Word.
Rock : Christian Rock
This is one early Jesus rock band that should not be forgotten. Harvest 1974 was Bill Stanton, Mike Babcox, Dave Keller, and Rick Roman. Harvest 1974 helped pave the way for the freedom we have in Christian Music today.
Rock : Christian Rock
I like the music of the late 60's and early 70's. To me they were times of creativity when it came to guitar playing and arrangements with different instruments mixed in with the music. I guess this would be my foundation of style.
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About Me
Roman Recordings came about in 1988 when Rick Jr. and Rick Roman senior decided they needed a home studio to play and record their music. They started with a 4 track Fostex Cassette Recorder and were thrilled they had some place to record their music without paying big bucks. This little 4 by 8 space in the families shed worked out just fine and the sounds of guitar could be heard well into the night. Out of this work came two bands "New Society" with Rick Jr. and "Raw Dog" with Rick senior. In the 90's they were producing cassette tapes of the two bands and sending them out to the Christian Underground Zines to be reviewed. The turn of the century brought many changes. Rick Roman Jr. began a new music company called "notofthisworldmu'.zik and built his own studio. Roman Recordings retooled to digital. "Raw Dog" became "Christian Raw Dog". Rick Roman senior started a new project called Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine, and that little home studio still exists today and Jesus Christ is still Lord. What are we doing now??????? All 4 of the Raw Dog cassettes are on CD and the band is now called "Christian Raw Dog". The first CD "Journey To The Son" by Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine (18 songs) is done. The second CD called "Plateaus Of Praise" is done. The third CD called “Come As You Are” is in the making. Please feel free to get in touch and at your request we will send you one CD of your choice. "Free"
This generation will not pass away until all these things take place   I was reading thru the NIV of the bible one day and the Lord showed me something about the meaning of the word generation. When I read this verse Matthew 24:34. "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. One of the footnotes at the bottom of the page stuck out to me, it read ?Or Race? The meaning of generation literally means Race of man. The lights went on in my spirit and understanding came; this is not talking about a 40 year space of time. The scripture should read like: This generation, this fallen race of man, this fallen seed ...
Purpose   I like playing Music that Glorifies Jesus Christ and His headship in the church. Seems to be something the Lord has built into my heart, in other words He has built 1 Cor. 14:26 to 40 into my being. All the Music I write just seems to point in that direction. Building up of the inner man so that someday we can began meeting and moving like it says in those passages. For this is the pattern of how we should meet, so every part of the body of Christ can began to function the way they were meant to function.
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Have a SAFE Holiday :D:D
Shyrita Washington
Thanx for the feedback on my last album and the love. You encouraged me to keep the music coming. Well my new album "Summer Rain" has been released!! Listen to a sample on my artist page. Download at www.shyritawashington.com If you enjoy my new song "Reborn", please vote for it. Thanx for your support in advance.
doug brushell
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hey Rick, I finally had a chance to sit down and enjoy some of your songs. I could have sat here all day and listen. But schedule want allow. Hope to be able to get back here soon. God Bless, Lynn Montgomery
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