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Dave Van Wormer
Rock On Dave
Keizer, OR  USA
Born on July 14, 1954.
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Alternative : Alternative General
Excellent highly ranked original songs, in 79 different genre simultaneously. Two guys sound like 4 - only live, with no editing; real music like you've not heard for years. Enjoy all of the free Rock/Jazz/Alternative/Metal/Acoustic hits now! Rock On!
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About Me
!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!Alert!! As of 5/30/10 - Rock On Songs has top 100 ranked somgs in 15 diferrent Genre's at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!!!Alert!!!!!!!Alert!! I'm in the "biggest" 2 Player Rock Band - You've ever heard! "Rock On Songs" Right here at Soundclick, or google "Dave Van Wormer Rock On" and we're the first option. All songs are played - "Live" - with No editing! - (except fades) Our variety will astound you - and you'll be "humming" our hooks! Bill De Haan rocks the Leads & Rythym guitar, while Dave Van Wormer drives the keyboards, Richard Butters (Dave's left hand) on Bass - and Stix Mandalay (Dr. Rythym 880) bangs out ripping beats. Enjoy the Ride!
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Feel back in older days if i listen your Music great yeah
Listening again. Love your stuff. If you're ever coming to Florida please let me know. :-)
Back on the internet after a dispute with Comcast. Enjoying revisiting your music. So original, in my experience, and so well done. Just love your stuff.
I found you on SoundClick today and really enjoyed exploring your work - you quite definitely have a style all your own and I love the way that you make it work :-) Things are moving pretty fast at KaBertram!!! these days but it's still always good to meet new people and make new friends - check out what we're all about through the links & sites below and feel free to drop me a line when you can...I'd enjoy getting to hear from you :-) W. Ray Bertram Writer, Lyricist, and Founder of KaBERTRAM!!! SoundClick: http://members.soundclick.com/KaBertram YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KaBertram MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/kabertram Atomic Rocket Global Productions http://members.soundclick.com/Atomic+Rocket BCC Global: The Back Country Connection SoundClick: http://members.soundclick.com/The+Back+Country+Connection CMB Page: http://www.countrymusicbroadcasting.com/artists/backcountryconnection.html
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Have been listening to your Openly (solo). I think this is a really great song, just so well done. Glad I found your stuff. Will return to listen to more of your stuff. Have listened to a few more of your tunes. Wonderful music. Very original. You and your bandmates are most talented.
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