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Born on September 15, 1986.
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All truth goes through three stages: First it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident.
Come First Lady, Come Come First Lady   From the Washington Post: "During the Democratic presidential primaries, Mrs. Obama said that her husband's so-far successful run for the presidency was the first time as an adult that she felt proud of her country. She said that America is "just downright mean." She said that her husband is "never" going to let us go back to our apathetic and ignorant lives. She complained about having to spend "$10,000 a year on piano and dance and sports supplements and so on and so forth" (she said this in a county where the median income, as of 2004, was $37,000). She said that the Obamas are asking young...
Schumer's Nonstop Self-Promotion Causes Largest Thrift Failure Ever   Chucky Schumer, New York's erstwhile Senator, has done it this time. Ever seeking to promote himself and get his name in the headlines, he sent a completely useless and gratuitous letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and the FDIC telling them what they'd already known -- that California savings bank IndyMac was in difficulty. Of course, Schumer, being the whore that he is, released the letter publicly (otherwise, what would be the point?).

The letter promptly caused a "run on the bank" as depositors clamored to take out $1.3 billion in deposits, resulting in a death blow to a bank...
Eliot Mess   Well, well, well. Eliot Spitzer caught red handed in criminal activity. I think that amid the doom & gloom on Wall Street this will be at least a brief ray of sunshine. The public story will be, a moral crusader who lost his bearings, because that's good press. But I suspect many who knew him better will agree among themselves that this is a bad guy, who arrogantly used intimidation and blackmail to advance his image -- thereby ruining countless lives -- just being what he really is but now finally getting his just desserts.
thanx 4 da luvv! I'm returnin it ! Luv ya! ~Lena
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boooo yaaaaaaaaaaahhhh..... Needless to say I'm stunned. But major congratulations dude, yeah.
Christian!!!! Congratulaaaaaaaaations!!!!!!!!! U know i luv u guys. I wish u all the best!!!!!!
OK, I listened. It all sucks!!!! And by the way, ur a bum -- u went to Tahoe this weekend and didn't say a damn word. BUMMMM!!!!!
Christian, Great work on Sugar. Thanks so much for the friendship and keep making great music. Take it Easy, Brian (blucas)
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