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Patrick Lew
San Francisco, CA  USA
Born on November 15, 1985.
Japanese/Taiwanese. Musician. Actor. Guitar Hero. CSUEB Alumni. San Francisco Native.
My own artist pages
Alternative : Nu Metal
Sexually frustrated college kids who happen to MAKE music. We reek of awesomeness!
Alternative : Grunge
The official Patrick Lew Band SC page.
Rock : Hard Rock
We are a primitive rock and roll garage band from Taiwan. Creating adrenaline fueled and testosterone pumping Instrumental hard rock. No, we won't change America or become poster boys for the scene. But we will rock you.
Alternative : Shoegaze
An alt-rock supergroup starring Patrick Lew (PLB & Steel Lions) and Janny Rodriguez (Gem Jewels).
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About Me
By day. I'm a server at a chocolate store and delivering food from restaurants locally to customers in my own car. By night, I'm the self proclaimed Asian American rock star playing punk/grunge music in a one-man band in my own garage and at a dive bar somewhere in the streets of San Francisco. I'm already in my early 30s. I've been through some highs. I've been through some lowest of lows. But while I never became the mega star I dreamed about in the rock music industry, I rested on my laurels and finally accepted the few things I did accomplish and done as a musician. I kept the Patrick Lew Band going since 2001 while I was a sophomore at Wallenberg High School (aside from a three year hiatus) well into my early 30s because of one thing and one thing only. It's not about money. It's not about just fame like everyone else is quick to point out. It's for the passion for playing rock and roll to whomever and where ever 24/7.
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Why Patrick Lew's ethnicity was a huge part of his greatness.   I’m a Sansei. Very proud of my Japanese-American heritage just as much as I’m proud of my Chinese/Taiwanese side as well. I try to preserve authenticity and give my community a good rep. I would do anything to give back to my community and heritage someday when it’s all said and done. That’s why I do music in Patrick Lew Band, TheVerse, @the_steel_lions and @pleasuregallowsband pretty much. And a little bit of acting on Film as well!
Patrick Lew Band: East Bay Kid (Song Review)   This song evokes a lot of responses from me and so I wanted to take my time talking about them. I am going to start with the negative because Patrick and I have known each other for a long time via this media forum and I have always been a fan of his irreverent loutish punk that seems infused with heart and passion at the same time. One thing I learnt from his Facebook is just how much of a music buff he is, sorting music via style and decade to make sensible observations about the progressions of artists and genres, therefore I suspect he will not be offended when I make some of my own little...
The former lineup for Patrick Lew Band will never reunite. Sorry!   "Would you ever reunite the Band of Asians or former lineup of Patrick Lew Band?"
No, never. No one really wants to do it. Not even myself. Plus that's in the past. What matters most is what I'm doing today. And that's what I'm doing with the PLB today and with TheVerse.
Thanks for accepting the request. keep rockin'!
Hey thanks for the add.
vmp 07
Keep up the great work Patrick, always a treat to drop through! :)
Billy GUITAR Hyatt
You're welcome Patrick Lew, keep rockin Billy Hyatt
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