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Nary Bin
Fresno, CA  USA
Born on November 14, 1989.
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Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
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About Me
Uhm... I made this because I was bored. But I don't know why they have this thing. Why can't everybody just get a MySpace? Well if you do already have one, you can find me at MySpace.com/THATSUGASOFLY. Yes I'm FLY. lol. JK. Well just call me Nary. I go on MySpace more so holla at me there if you need to. Anyway, I don't record much because I suck at it. The only thing I can do is sing. So if you want me to record with you or whatever, feel free to offer, but you have to help me with everything else. That would be awesome if you can, because I need practice! Hey, at least I'm being honest. So yeah. uhm... What else is there to know about me... Oh yeah, I'm pretty outgoing and friendly, but that doesn't mean you can ask me to check out your songs and tell you what I think about it. If you're lucky, I will, but my ass if too damn lazy for that. Got it? Good. =]And one more thing... If nobody hates you, then you're not doing anything good in your life. But if you're hated by people you DON'T KNOW, then that means you're THE SHiT! Yup! G0ne!
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