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Oliver Sampson
Immenstaad, Germany
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Rock : Progressive Rock
Progressive melodic rock/metal.
Rock : Rock General
Hard Pop Rock with a Prog Twist.
Metal : Goth Metal
Dark. Emotional. Aggressive. Melodic. The perfect mixture of the melancholic electronic sound of Gothic and Industrial with the heavy and groovy sound of Nu Metal. This is the album for those looking for the evolution of Evanescence's sound.
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Instrumentals - Instrumentals with Hooks
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Instrumentals - Trap
About Me
The short story Oliver Sampson is an American living in Southern Germany working as a professional musican. Since moving to Germany, he's toured Germany numerous times, appeared on television, and recorded several CDs. Future plans contain more of the same with an outreach into the rest of Europe. He's available for studio work or touring, and in particular would be an ideal sideman or band director for English speaking artists coming to Germany and Europe because of his language abilities and extensive experience in Europe. For the long story, go here.
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Angelika and Demons
Happy New Year! Love, good health, happiness, success! Let all your dreams will come true! Kisses Angelika
Bob Forbes
Here I go again Oliver... ; )) Pascal's and my rendition of the Eric Woolfson and Alan Parson classic "Time": http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6741161 Thanks for your listen - have a super day! Cheers, Bob
Bob Forbes
Hey Oliver, Here's a Progressive Rock (with vocals) tune - first one since January - hope you enjoy and thanks for listening ; )) Mixing / Mastering produced in Germany. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=384603&songID=6463442 Cheers, Bob / RedEyeC
Oliver, Thanks for the friendship! Take it Easy, Brian (blucas)
Oliver Great sound ya got there Thank you for the ad Peace Tweak
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