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MoonGate Studios
Raleigh, NC  USA
Born on July 31, 1976.
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HipHop : Alternative Hip Hop
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Beat Demons
Instrumentals - Smooth
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xXx Productionz
Money Run *RICH THE KID*
Instrumentals - Beats General
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About Me
This division's soul dedication is to music production, recording, mixing, and mastering. MoonGate Studios receives raw tracking session of recording artists, which are next up-loaded and remixed, mastered, and shipped for duplication. Our engineers encourage recording artists to link VIA the web, and become part of the mixing session. Interaction with artist, producer, and the mixing engineers proves to be an outstanding collaborative team. This not only ensuring a great mix, but many happy artists, producers, and record labels with outstanding finished project(s). Inclosing, we hope that you have enjoyed learning about MoonGate Studios. We implore all viewers of this page to network with our organization. Post your views and discussion matters on our blog as often as posable. This not only helps build strong networking bonds, but it insures our new company's improvement and grow. Sponsors, investors, contractors, film companies or musical artists with project(s) seeking to make donations, form partnerships or enlist our company's services for future project(s), may email:moongatesoundproduction@yahoo.com All organizations are asked to be as detailed as possible and send a cover letter with all of the listed details. Provide the organization's name, a contact's name, phone & fax numbers, and address. Large files can be sent VIA yousendit.com or other sights for large format email delivery. Thank you all for your support, Gerald Michael Clark II. Fo
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