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Michael Garvey
Mike Garvey
Warrington, United Kingdom
Born on January 7, 1978.
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Blues : Blues Rock
Classic Rock and Blues based material. For fans of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix!
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About Me
Michael (Mike) John Garvey is a 30 year old guitarist and composer from a small town near Liverpool called Warrington. A brief history.... In 1994 Mike found himself travelling between Warrington and Blackburn, the town he'd just left. This was a particularly hard time, moving to a new and strange town. He got into the music of Pink Floyd after hearing 'The Wall' and immediately went out and bought most of their albums including 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. Something about the music, in particular the majestic guitar playing of David Gilmour gestated gently in his subconscious. Whilst staying at his fathers in Blackburn he happened to walk past a small music shop. In the window was a gleaming electric guitar.... At that exact moment Mike knew he wanted to be a guitar player!!! He managed to get a Squire Stratocaster for Christmas, though sadly he didn't have the guitar in his possesion for too long.... "Didn't know how to string it, had no amp, didn't know how to play the f*cker!". For a year or so Mike forgot about guitar playing, believing that he wasn't cut out for it... However he was cought by the bug and from the age of 19 onwards had owned a succession of cheap guitars on which he gradualy learned his first chords and basic blues licks...... Continued at... http://www.myspace.com/mikegarvey78
Video Lessons On Youtube   https://www.youtube.com/user/MikeGarveyBlues

For those of you who play guitar, you might like to know that i'll be posting a number of video lessons (And original videos) on Youtube over the coming months. My Youtube channel can be accessed via my page and most of the videos can be watched in the Youtube player on the right of my page.

Most of the songs will be classic rock and blues from the 60's to the current day. These lessons are aimed at beginner to intermediate players though some will be very advanced.

If you have any requests for a lesson or any other guitar related questions (...
Tribute For My Brother. David Garvey (1976 - 2008)   I write this as a tribute to my Brother, David Anthony Garvey who sadly passed away early this morning (11th May, 2008).

David had Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of Autism and had battled alcohol addiction for nearly ten years. Sadly, today he lost that battle.

David I hope you've gone on to better things. I love you. I have nothing to give you but these songs.

Rest in peace David.

Forever your brother..


mrm1988 Hi,

I just rediscovered "Can't get away" on my harddisk and wanted to leave a comment. It really is a great song and every now and then I listen to it and it makes me feel good.

Greetings from Germany,
Serenaded Heart Hi Mike,

You are so welcome. Thank you
so much for stopping by to say
hi. *smiles*

flat357 Lessons ? Gimme gimme gimme :D
a gerry Awesome playing man, good job...I'll stop in again for sure...
flat357 Hi m8 .
Hows things ? Noticed you've put in for the idol comp ... good man .
Few new bits and bobs on my site for ya when ya get chance bud .
Have a cool weekend , and don't get too drunk :)
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