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Michael Duran
Sacramento, CA  USA
A Unique Fusion of Musical Genres.

Welcome to my musical world.
I hope you enjoy the tunes & videos.

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Electronic : Games Soundtrack
All original gaming soundtracks inspired by the FusionFall game series and Manga comic "When Worlds Collide".
Rock : Rock General
Radio-friendly rock songs.
Rock : Rock General
a unique musical fusion.
Rock : Rock n Roll
Rock,POP ,Hard Rock, offbeat, weird ,cool, different
World : New Age
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Instrumentals - Hardcore
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Thanks for the visit, you are now listening to FusionFall Project
Michael Duran  

FusionFall Project  

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Michael Duran & Friends

Dyalock Hi Michael.
I was in doubt, if I ever thanked you for your nice words on "So Long". So just to be sure - thanks!
The words in the song: "..it's important what you have to share.." go for you as well.
I always enjoyed your impressive work. Skills and talent combined in greatly produced tracks. It is always a treat to listen to your songs. So hopefully you will "hang on in there" :)
Andrew Negoustorov last edited on Sun Jun 17, 2018 @ 06:48 AM Oh, I'm so sorry, Mike! I even missed the start of the current weekend! :D
Thank you! Likewise, I wish you a wonderful Sunday, my friend. :D
You see, I still experience not the best strip of my life - yes, I'm still not able to start my new piece; however, its image is in my head yet.
...Oh! Your "Punisher" is really cool - I'm just listening to it while writing an answer.
This is genuine hard rock style in my opinion, which I sincerely appreciate...
Kaul Thank you for the comment on my new song Michael! I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great Sunday!
FendrGuitPlayr Have a great weekend amigo!
Ariadawna Willowsweet THank you Michael for the kind comments......IVe written a very special song for a little stray that was so wild and I couldn't help him or her.....it was 7 pm and on my porch this ghoulish little green furred hair standing on end appeared to be rabid had apparently gotten in a cat fight and this cat had injured eyes and was what appeared to be rabidness I couldn't tell completely because she had been wet all over...I felt so bad for this cat which was dying she had yellow eyes and green fur.....it scared me to my core......then as she tried to mouth a yelp of some sort she looked at me in hysteria and then freaked out and ran away....I felt so bad that I wrote her a song....LITTLE STRAY CAT FERAL....I felt so helpless......I felt a kind of weird psychic connection and that haunted me.....The cat had mange so I could not approach her if I tried... I was rocked to my core .THe leastj I could do was write her a song or him I could not tell the gender.....I ll never forget that litt
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