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Marcus Lavalais
Marcus Anthony
Alexandria, LA  USA
Born on September 14, 1990.
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About Me
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A Defining Moment   What is freedom without restraint? The ability to accomplish so so much and deny myself everything I want. The true question is...do I want it. Best for me but unaccommodating to my lifestyle. So systematic and cold. A picture frame with no warmth, no pride, no want. Why do I toil to disown my own achievement? Because it is not my want, nor my drive. My throttle is the pen with which these letters form from my blackened blood. So much to say and so few words to put the pedal to the floor. Now down on my luck, and I have arms to run to, but shall I cry...ALMOST! as I lay in darkness ...
If Only It Were True   Evidence taken. Thoughts expected. None received. Words end at the heart's departure and disregards arrival. Sex. A process. A creation. Divine at times, shattered dreams for me. I don't remember...where it was I lost my way, and still I find my way to you. Now, I ask myself is that good or bad, right or wrong, glorified or demonized. I would if I could, but the strength escapes me like the words have suddenly to you. There is no message. There is no commitment. No decisions in the night. Drowned doubts in confident waters filled with memories and blessings. Now I'm the one drowning. Will I ...
Hoes and Heartbreak   Somebody's face is on the floor and it ain't mine...but I'll let you think it is. Yep, you just got dropped and you think you did the dropping. No, No, No...I'm a mastermind of convoluted words, meanings, ideas, and control. That's right...I controlled your every move and made you do what I wanted you to. So what are you going to do about it?....Oops I forgot you don't know....Damn, I wish I could tell you but I never actually saved your number in my phone like you did mine...soooo YEAH....ANYWAY...I hope you understand...You never 'peaked' my interest. Just something about you that didn't sit...
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