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Jay McCorkle
Elgin, SC  USA
Born on April 15, 1987.
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About Me
I never thought about music as a serious career goal. I knew I could always sing and rap, but music was never my aim. I grew up in the 90's, when everybody wanted to be like Mike. I came from a musical family, but I wanted to play ball for UNC (just like Mike!!!). I started picking up the ability to play the piano, but I had a nice little jump shot (just like Mike!!!). I was playing 3 instruments by middle school, but I had focused on basketball tryouts (just like Mike!!!). By this time, you would understand my concept. It has been said by every coach (everywhere) that Michael Jordan didn't make the team in middle school (wow, just like me!!!). The problem with that is that Mike kept trying out the following years LOL. At this point, I QUIT!!! Now on to the music... I picked up the name Mantiz from the word 'mantis', which means "prophet" or "seer". I dropped the 's' and replaced it with a 'z', and so all of my nicknames followed. And from there my journey began. I released a series of projects throughout high school and while in college. I started my own record label (R Dot Entertainment), my own in-house production company (The Block Symphony, LLC), and my own clothing line (Rkive Clothing Company). In July 2007 I released "2007: An Even HOTTA Summer", the sequel to 2006's "The HOTTEST Summer EVA". I'm very down to earth... so even when the success multiplies, you can STILL get to know me for ME.
hardlinemusic check out some of my beats!
Mantiz186 Whats good?? It's your dude Tizzy holdin it for R Dot Entertainment. Thanks for stoppin by the page. Enjoy the music and photos and leave me a message.

-Mantiz AKA Tizzy "Young Money" Montana
R Dot Entertainment

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