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Born on September 10, 1987.
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About Me
I initially concentrated myself in creating music based in samples, constructing Dance and Techno mixes. In the moment, I'm focused in two big projects, where one is to create musics from scratch, using a sample style construction based on my own build samples and the other is to create arranged versions of already existing music from the 8-bit and 16-bit video-games era. My style is Dance and Techno. My influence in several video-games is also heavily relevant. If you want more info or want to enjoy my sounds, go to http://www.mixwaves.webs.com and download my works, and also some works of my friends! They are worth a listen... =) Also, I initially registered myself around here because I'm a big fan of ZeroSlugFM remixes, specially the ones dedicated to the marvelous game Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge from the gameboy system. So go check them out too. Stay cool...
hey it's been awhile. I put together a request for you, it's not much but i figure it's been far overdue
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