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Lincoln Kennedy
United Kingdom
My own artist page
Urban : R&B/Soul/Pop
Dr L.K has a positive inspirational approach to life. This is what he wants to reflect in his songs. Writing songs with a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, Club & Rock.
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About Me
Dr L.K, aka Lincoln Kennedy, An Independent Solo Artist with his very own unique style. A crossover flow of R&B, Hip Hop, Club & Light Rock themed songs. For fresh songs visit.... WWW.LINCOLN-KENNEDY.COM WWW.TWITTER.COM/DRLK2 WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/LK2009RESTRAINT Dr L.K's delivery is described as one of a "Laid back", "Emotionally charged", "Characteristic", "Entertaining" & "Infectious" flow, that will embed each song deep within the heart & mind of the listener.
Recent Activity
Reggae Producers   This is a shout out to any good and original Reggae producers out here on Soundclick. So if there's any regular and active producers pushing out some beats, drop by and let me know.

Bless Up
To Achieve   In life you need 'focus', to focus on a 'dream'.
We need our dreams to set our 'aims' in order to 'succeed'.
To succeed we need the 'faith', the faith in ourselves to 'believe'.
That with that faith we'll live our dream until the day we 'achieve'.

Was I Abducted by Alien forces???   I pose this question as it seems it been so long since I've passed through the portals of Soundclick. It's like taking a blast back to the future, so to speak. We travel along the passage of life with time as our guide. Some of this time we lose along the way, some we can reclaim and on other occassions we can actually gain time. Time is of the essence, to everything we want to succeed in or achieve. Time is a guide we need to follow, as it tracks us every step of the way.

It's great to tour across the avenues of Soundclick and see both the familiar faces and new faces that have surfaced. ...
softsong hi Lincoln, so nice hearing from you. thanks for popping by. well, the total play thing I think was always there and I just didn't take notice until now, lol. hope all is good by you. music is sounding good on your page here. again , thanks!

DiCe-Beats Hey man thanks for the comments on my page. dam i allways still come and check this site as i like to listen to my own tunes i made years ago, i really want to get back into music making but the time is not allways on your side. but stay up with the vibes and much love and respect from Dic3 your fellow uk music bro ;)
royce7tre check out D-Antwon at team7tremusic.com he has his own music and sound all together...let me know your feed back on him
royce7tre would love to come down there and bring my team:)
jackie technics great new tune,,
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