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Rod Blinkin
North Palm Beach, FL  USA
Born on January 8
Just here for the music
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About Me
Music is formally defined as the art of combining vocal and or instrumental sounds together to create expressions of an effect, like emotions and situations. Music can describe feelings and thoughts that many people have, but they can not express for whatever reason. The word music is actually a noun that means musica in Latin and originated from the Greek word muse. The word music has synonyms like melody, harmony, and song. Music is a natural tool because it is a universal form of communication. When animals sing their songs to one another, this is music used for communicating and even mating. Humans use music for many different reasons, such as entertainment or to exercise. From expression to communication purposes, music has many great uses. Music is also beneficial for a person's health and even their mood. Studies have shown that people who listen to music regularly are smarter, can retain more information, and are in happier moods for longer periods of time than those people who did not listen to any music throughout the day. Even plants and babies can benefit from listening to music. Music should be included in everyone's life, either through the radio or online, for expression of themselves and to be more healthy. Music Genres There are many different music genres to choose from. Each genre contains it's own unique sound, beats, lyrics, and message. Music genres are simply a variety of music artists, tempos, and beats. The type of music genre a person enjoys listening to depends on personal preference, mood, or type of activity. Many people enjoy listening to multiple music genres, while many music artists and performers are included in multiple music genres. Examples of different music genres are:
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