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Ken Verheecke
Piedmont, SD   USA
Born on March 26, 1959.
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About Me
I am a full time musician based in western South Dakota. My goal is to create music that brings a measure of peace and comfort into the lives of those who hear it. I know that sounds grandiose... but this is my passion in music and in life. I am SOOO grateful that God blessed me with the ability to see and hear the music of life... Lastly to all who visit this profile... thank you so much for blessing me with friendship!
"Reflection" is almost completed!!!   With each passing day I am getting closer to completing my upcoming CD release "Reflection." It started a little over year ago in the month of August 2006 and from that point on it has been quite the learning experience. It's something that I have grown to appreciate and the skills I have gained during this time are only going to make this release even better. To say the least, I am excited about this release!!!

If you are interested in previewing what I have available at this time... go to: https://members.soundclick.com/station/478455

It won't be long before "Reflection" is released!!! ...
While Aubrey Sleeps   I was playing round with a double capo set up on my Taylor 512C-NG Guitar, sitting quietly on the couch. It was a COLD, cold morning here in western South Dakota and I had ‘Beau,’ my Dalmatian/German Shepherd to my right and ‘Aubrey’ my Weimaraner sitting to my left. It was warm and cozy with my little ones nearby!

As I quietly played my guitar, Aubrey started to fall asleep and she looked so content and peaceful. It touched my heart to see that because she wasn't treated very well by her previous owners and there have been times that she would violently shake when she would sleep.

Knowing ...
Drifting into the sublime   Greetings… this is the very first post on my new blog which will feature the process of writing and recording my next instrumental release on Many Miles Music/Wind & Wheat Music… presently titled, “Reflection.”

You may be wondering about the title of this blog? I took it from a song I am working on… one that I chose to call “Drifting into the sublime.”

I am of Eskimo decent… on my mom’s side of the family. Of course “Verheecke” isn’t eskimo… it’s Belgian, which is my dad’s side of the family. Anyway… from what I understand, my Mother’s childhood was pretty tragic. So tragic that she often ...
brandon dyke
HEy Ken I would love to grab lunch anytime you are in town. I live in Greenville SC , and I am close to any part of Asheville NC. Sounds like you have been doing this a long time! I teach and play locally, but I would love to do what you are doing. I am trying to start in Jan. of 2009. Hope all is well
brandon dyke
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Hey Ken thanks for the kind words my friend. I got to listen to your stuff and you are a great guitar player with a gift for melody and nice tones on both steel and nylon. you would like a very good friend of mine's music. His name is Dave Wike you can check him out at davewike.com . I am just starting to travel and do what your doing more. Let me know if you ever need an opening act! God Bless
Hi Ken, Thanks for the ADD. Found your little "niche" last evening while at work. Even on those puny computer speakers your music came through flawless. Now that I am at home using my studio comp and monitors - your music trancends all expectations! All I can say is WOW! Personally, I have always dearly loved Acoustic Guitar - but I must say that your talent on the instrument is truely a precious gift from our Creator. You are Blessed my Friend! What a delight to just sit and listen to the peaceful and thought triggering sounds eminating through my speakers. They seem to penetrate into the very soul of existence - and speak directly to the heart and mind. Such musical peace and happiness that is conveyed through your playing is a rare gift indeed - to bestow onto others. Thank You - and be rest assured that I will keep you in my own humble thoughts and prayers. David
Hi Ken, Looking through your songs and listening fills the heart with joy! So pleasant and peaceful. Perfection my friend! Just thought I'd drop a note to say thanks, and request an ADD. Would be honored to have you as a friend on S.D. God Bless.....David
Hi Ken, Just wanted to drop by and say hello, Have a great week. Love & Light, G I G S
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