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K prouty
san diego, ca  USA
Born on November 29, 1924.
My own artist pages
Rock : Goth Rock
dark alt rock/goth rock music for all who breathe and bleed.
Alternative : Alternative General
It started in art class,painting pictures.That moved to art school,then i realized i could paint a living piece of music,that has life,breath, a heartbeat. Music is art to me, not just a commercial venture,so i strive to do make audio paintings.
Metal : Goth Metal
metal,gothic,goth metal,rock,Black sabbath,HIM,bowie,peter murphy,
Metal : Goth Metal
slow sweet suicide,goth,alt,goth metal.powerful,haunting,and beautifully strange.
Acoustic : Acoustic Rock
Stars Fade Away-Music Video *official* from Jordan Barnett on Vimeo.
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About Me
So i am a musician,i spent years being a lazy one. The last year i got inspired by a incredible musician "Yngwie j malmsteen", which changed my views on guitar playing,and how i go about it.

Currently i front the band "Loves cruel malady" my long time drummer and friend christian along again for the ride,and Blyth yoel is our female bass player.

This band is really the most comfortable set up, everyone is really working towards the same goal, it's amazing....

okay so i have also done this stuff."Slow sweet suicide,Film noir,Kay" I have played in dumps and amazing places,hob nobbed with stars and nobodies, Beheld the beauty of the cherry blossom festival at the kintai bridge in japan,gazed across the paris skyline from the eiffel tower,enjoyed the panic and urgency of london. I have 4 songs going into a motion picture titled "aegis", L C M's "the hunger" has been picked up by"LIP SERVICE" clothing to be part of the online soundtrack.

Recent Activity
Liked the band/artist DreamSphere. Oct 14
Well im back   I have been on a walkabout of sorts but im back and there are some new rocking
tunes up "faster my love 2018" and "signs of life" on my page,hopefully some shows coming up.
New Music /Video   Been working like always and what you get is tons of new stuff,check it out on my music page and take peak at the video here.....
Take care and enjoy
We had fun   We went to Knotts berry farm ,got beat up on the rollercoasters,but it was fun....
We have a new song"FLYING" that will be done sone.

What's good son, stopping by to hear those tracks, keep it blastin!! Have a happy holiday and if I can do anything to assist please let me know.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D
Your Music is GREAT!!!! Thanx for adding me,cant wait to hear whats coming next! Keep me posted!
Misguided Ghost
It is very nice to meet you thanx great music btw keep in touch ~Melisa
Thanks for the add i enjoyed listening to your music Regards
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