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Judy Church
28612, NC  USA
Born on March 28, 1957.
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Jazz : Jazz General
I can play several instruments, some equally well, today I enjoy creating music with piano. Some have made comments regarding me mastering several instruments. I don't consider myself as having mastered anything yet & still continue practicing.
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About Me
Music Speaks To My Inner Soul And Is Everything To Me From The Bottom Of My Heart. It Seduces Me With Beautiful Soft Undertones Of Melodies, Lifting Notes With Such Inspiration That Takes My Breath Away!
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Old Songs and New Perspectives!! "FUNNY" MUST READ......   Some of the Artist of the 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers (as well as our parents).

They include:

The Bee Gees: How Can you Mend a Broken Hip?

Johnny Nash: I Can't See Clearly Now

Commodores: Once, Twice, Three Times To The Bathroom

Marvin Gaye: I Heard It Through The GrapeNuts

The Temptations: Papa's Got A Kidney Stone

Roberta Flack: The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face

Bobby Darin: Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' A Flash

Willie Nelson: On The Throne Again

If you think of anything you want to share please feel free to ...
What Matters Most In Your Life?   What Matters The Most in your Life? . . . . . .. . .

Going through experiences in my life has made me set my priorities and what is most important to me. We should never take anyone in our lives for granted.

It is not what you take with you when you leave that matters. It's the realtionships and the memories that you leave behind that matters the most.

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

What Matters Most in Your Life?

Do Something Romantic! Valentine's Day thoughts for the Hopeless...   Valentine's day is not just another day created by the Hallmark Company to sell more cards and chocolates; it's a day where romantics are given the opportunity to do the amazing to prove their love to one another.When men are confronted with being romantic some (not all of them) tend to side with material items and equate love to a price tag. Woman on the other hand prefer more spontaneous and extraordinary moments that they can share with their loved one. So how do we get these two perspectives to meet?

Men need to understand that it's not how deep your pocket is, it's how deep your kisses ...
Claes Norden
Dear Judy, How are you? I am myself struggling these days to be musically creative. So there's been a long silence from me but finally I have finished and published here a new song and recording - "Completely you". But I also think Soundclick is less interesting these days; seems not to be in pace with present social media trends. What do you think? I have posted some thoughts on my own page, it would be interesting to hear your comment there. Kind regard/Claes
You have a tender touch and warm heart judy, I feel it in your music. I wish you well. Moreng Swinburne
Haven't heard from you in a long time, Judy. Just listening to your music and liking what I'm hearing. Will be back to hear more later!
Claes Norden
Hi Judy, I just saw all your comments on my last songs. Thank you for taking all the time to listen and sharing so carefully what you think! I was just about to post a new one, which I have done now, so you can go back again :) . There's a video also of me in action! I hope 2016 will be a very good year for both of us! All the best,
Hi Judy, Stopping by to listen to your beautiful voice and music... Wanted to say hello and wish you and yours all the best for a very Happy New Year 2015! Joe
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