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Joe Terillo
ny  USA
Born on February 18, 1958.
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Rock : Classic Rock
Rock : Classic Rock
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Radical Independent!
John Kennedy
JT, It has been a long time since I have been bye and I tell you, you have come a long way since you first posted in 2008 when you set this site up. I listened to your first and last song on the music page and left some comments and stars. What a great change from my last visit and man am I surprised. Great songs and I'll be back to hear some more. Peace and Blessings, John
I really liked "having you". How did you record this? It sounds really clear and strong. The voice is right up front too....nice!!
Hey, "Having You" rocks!! Great voice too!
marie c oliver
Hi Jtees4, I wanted to thank you for choosing to be in my fans list. I just listened to your music and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your style of music..I am new to soundclick's and wanted to ask you if you write your own material and how long have you been a songwriter..I myself have been writing songs for a long time and I have my own style too.. I hope you had the opportunity to listen to a song of mine. It is hard to get comments feedback but I feel that if a person puts me on their stations thats a compliment in inself..I enjoyed listening to your songs and hope we can exchange ideas and learn from each other...I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and a great New Years.. I will look forwrd to hear from you soon...Marie C. Oliver. Have a great weekend!
simon speed
Happy new year.
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