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Michael McDermitt
Palm Coast, FL  USA
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Alternative : Experimental
One-man band, with stylings of Electronica, Psychedelica, TranceRock, and Soundscapes
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
PsyTranceRock, with a constantly fluctuating lineup of mutation of music.
Rock : Psychedelic Rock
SOUNDSAW is the end result of 20 years of research into sonic frontiers.
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About Me
I am a musician/poet And don't know it... I used to keep my face In a brown paper bag Beside my bed... But I got tired Of wakin' up... My eyes always red... So I crossed that line Just one more time And woke up dead. Once a leering, toothless whore A half-lived existence Yet begging for more A wasted lost society's child. Alone on a back stair Among mad cats Striving for yesterday When spirits were lifted Blinded by And not feeling the light. I searched And searched Always on the run Turning, and twisting 'Til my mind became numb. I yearned for those days When all were so gifted But I fell From that high and lofty crag Waiting for Love's sweet Siren song....< (tag not supported)="width:300px; height:450px; overflow:hidden;">
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Hi, thanks for adding me to your list of friends - much appreciated :) Enjoyed checking out your songs today, very trippy and eerie! Keep in touch. Best wishes Rodz
vmp 07
Hi Michael, thanks so much for the kind words and song adds, it really means a lot. I cant wait till the weekend when I can get back here to listen to more of your great stuff! :)
vmp 07
Hey Michael, An honor to be added as friends, thank you. We look forward to returning for more of your special stuff. :) Mike and the Girls
im feelng the page, check ot your boy and keep doing your thing, keep it 1 hunnit...
zilia tol
Hi Michael, thanks for the request. I was listening to your music and like your sound very much. Very "yours". I like that. Let's stay in touch and, if you have the time, listen to some of my music, you might like something there. Have a great week. With love and music, Zilia Tol
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